Welcome to A Better U

Hi, We are Daniel & Bec from Sunny Townsville Australia

We help people just like you become a better u.

  • Maybe you’re here because you’re overweight and frustrated because you haven’t found success quite yet.
  • Maybe you’re here because your doctor told you that you’re in danger of some serious health issues if you don’t make changes.
  • Maybe you’re here because you just had a baby, and you’re feeling exhausted?
  • Maybe you just want to wake up, look in the mirror, and feel better about yourself.
  • Maybe you’re here because your sick of living pay check to pay check.

Whatever reason you have for being here, thank you.
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When I moved to Townsville 6 months ago I started meeting people who where full of energy, loving life and looking amazing. It made me curious to what it was that they where doing and I said to myself I want that! I want what they have! So, I did. I went to find out what it was that they where doing. I was introduced to this amazing nutritional program. I wanted to feel better look better and have more energy. I felt so down in life I didn’t have the energy to play with my 3 year old son. I wanted to be able to run with him ride bikes and also loose the extra kg’s I had put on over the last year. After 10 weeks of changing my lifestyle and eating habits I lost 4.1cms off my arms, 5cms off my chest, 18cms off my waist and 10.5kgs in weight. I have so much more energy and feel amazing.Now my friends are saying I want what you have! This is a lifestyle and a simple one at that.The support and encouragement that also comes from Daniel and Bec isamazing.

Rhi B

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Our goal is to inspire you to make positive changes and live a better life.

We provide the support and tools you need to reach your goals and sustain a naturally healthy lifestyle where you feel at the top of your game while making new friends and having fun.

The Isagenix lifestyle has enabled us to be our best selves and we’ve helped Many other people like you to make positive changes in their lives. Join our network of amazing people who, like you, want to feel good about themselves, see results and for some, earn additional income. Get instant access to our FREE 3 Step Guide to build a better U!