Hello there! We are Daniel, Bec & Chloe.

We are a young fun-loving family who thrive on life. We enjoy helping people and creating lasting memories.

Do you experience any of these problems?

  • – Maybe you’re here because you’re overweight and frustrated because you haven’t found success quite yet.
  • – Maybe you’re here because your doctor told you that you’re in danger of some serious health issues if you don’t make changes.
  • – Maybe you’re here because you just had a baby, and you’re feeling exhausted?
  • – Maybe you just want to wake up, look in the mirror, and feel better about yourself.
  • – Maybe you’re here because you’re sick of living paycheck to paycheck.

Whatever reason you have for being here, thank you.

We can help you with these problems because we ran into the exact problems early in our lives. Over the course of building our health and wellness, we were able to create solutions for these problems that we follow on a daily basis. We are trainers who are in the same trenches. We practice what we preach. We provide content that is entertaining and simple. We also get straight to the point because we know you are busy. We struggled for years up and down when we first started, trying everything we could get our hands on. Through our commitment to personal development, we started to get results. We now feel that it is our duty to share all that we have learned that allowed us to realize our dreams. A Better U is your path to health, wealth and happiness. We provide the support and tools you need to reach your goals and sustain a naturally healthylifestyle where you feel at the top of your game while making new friends and most of all having fun. The Isagenix lifestyle has enabled us to be our best selves and we’ve helped a heap of people like you to make positive changes in their lives. We invite you to join our network of amazing people who, like you, want to feel good about themselves, see results and have the potential to earn additional income.